Holistic Revival Trends

In the United States we are witnessing a huge new trend and an impending holistic revival in 2006. This trend of course is not new, but its rapid advances in Europe have accelerated and 50% of the population seems to have completely moved away from Christianity, instead opting for a more holistic Star Wars “Force” type explanation to their belief system. Many in the United States feel alienated by the “Christian Right” and the political use of the Christian Religion and this is causing some to move closer to religion and others to move apart and away from the Christian Religion. Fifty years ago 90% of the US population would have answered; “I am Christian” to the question, what religion are you? Today that number is less than 63%, which is actually up 8% in the last five years, yet we are seeing a backing off of that sharp trend.

This Holistic revival is a long time coming and is a very positive step for the forward progression of humankind as a Planet dominated by World Religion has for too long controlled the minds of the masses and severely abused the privileges of their power. In 2004 and 2005 we saw the Catholic Church and their priests, which molested and raped young children and although it is widely known that this has been going on for thousands of years it finally came to a head in the United States. We have also witnessed suicide murderers who kill innocent people in the name of the “One” the only God Allah so that they might attain 72 virgin women, obviously some Islamic Radical Fundamental Clerics have a little too much imagination, psychotic tendencies and screws loose there as they hijacked the Muslim Faith for their own private war.

You can see from the events in the current present period that World Religions have served their usefulness and need to depart our Earth and why people are waking up to the fact that there is much more too all we see than can be explained in book or stories written and told by men.